Human Resources

We are continuing our human resources processes with the policy of "our most important capital is our human resources" with the awareness that the quality of our products and services starts with our employees.

Our Human Resources Approach

To bring in our company people with a high level of education, open to innovation and change, entrepreneurial, dynamic, result-oriented, aiming to improve themselves and their work, 
* Create a peaceful and professional working environment for employees who are the most important assets of the company to ensure that they can develop themselves both individually and professionally, * Ensure maximum benefit from employees ' abilities, strength, and creativity, * To increase employee satisfaction to the highest point by continuously investing in our staff, which we believe is the most important key to success in our industry leadership, * Allow staff to make careers in accordance with their qualifications and performance, * For the required staff, to start research with the employees within the company in line with career planning, * As Elso Kimya, we aim to implement a fair pay policy based on performance, ensuring that staff are best satisfied within the framework of the available opportunities in terms of the wage system and social rights.

Human Resources Policy

Our most important capital is our human resource.

We aim to create a happy, efficient, successful, and healthy workforce with a high-performance, development-oriented, strong, and effective leadership that reflects the spirit of Elso Kimya, where employees have opportunities to demonstrate their potential, and where each employee contributes to the future of Elso Kimya by creating value.

Human Resources Processes

In the recruitment process, all or part of the following assessment tools are applied in accordance with the requirements of the position to assess the suitability of our newly graduated or experienced candidates:

* Application CV assessment
* Foreign Language Level Determination Exam
* Competency Based Interviews

As a result of all these evaluations, job offers are made to our eligible candidates. Our goal here is to ensure that people are placed in a department that meets their qualifications by questioning their knowledge, skills, and competencies.     

How Do We Hire?

Our colleagues are composed of people who have the most appropriate qualifications for their position and who have adopted the working culture and values of the organization. Our employees are composed of people who aim to continue to make a difference in the sector with their education level and qualifications.
While our company is growing with energy, it is progressing confidently to the future, taking advantage of the experience of those who have served Elso Kimya for many years.

Orientation Process

Orientation Training is part of the recruitment process; 

The objectives of the Orientation Training are to provide information to the newly recruited personnel on company policies, organizational structure of the company, production-service subject and process, social rights and responsibilities, work conditions, job security, so as the new comer starts to feel immediately as a member of the company. 

After the start-up processes of the new employee are terminated an orientation program is implemented in which general information about the company is given followed by the introduction process of the specific department.

Training and Development

The most important element of Elso Kimya that creates a difference among the companies in the chemical sector and determines its image is the training and development opportunities it creates for its employees. Based on the approach that "Training is the most important investment a company makes in its employees and therefore in its own future", professional and personal development trainings are provided and leadership development programs are implemented throughout the year to increase the level of knowledge, skills, and quality service of our employees. Our employees at Elso Kimya are constantly supported by outsourced and in-house training during their working time.

Training plans are planned according to the results of our personal career planning and needs analysis and with requests from our employees. Our training plan is updated every year according to the conditions of the day. Our approach in the training and development process is to continuously improve the company's performance in parallel with the company's vision and business goals.

In line with the requirements of the global organization, it is also aimed to use internal resources effectively and efficiently while planning the current and future development needs of employees.

As they enter the company different development programs are planned for employees, especially orientation, sales, marketing, leadership, management, foreign language trainings taking into account corporate and personal needs.

In-house Trainings

Our company employees who have been trained and are qualified to provide training are employed as trainers.

External Trainings

Trainings deemed appropriate for the personnel are organized by the consultants following  researches carried out by the Human Resources Department.

Internal Communication

It is of great importance for our employees to have a social and versatile business life and to improve themselves. With company dinners, twice a year, it is ensured that the staff have fun with each other and get to know each other better in a different environment.  

Wages and Benefits

In our company, where a job evaluation system based on job description is applied, the total income of employees is determined according to competitive and fair corporate policies based on the current wage market. In addition, based on the feedback of its managers, a wage system is used that will distinguish strong performance and motivate the employee. In salary increases, performance evaluation and market movements are considered.

Career Planning

In Elso Kimya, career progression is directly proportional to success. Career planning can be horizontal or vertical. An increase in authority and responsibility also leads to an increase in wages. For career planning to be implemented, it is necessary to have the knowledge, experience, and performance evaluation prerequisites of the position. Open positions are announced primarily within the organization, and applications of the employees are evaluated. If there is no rotation opportunity within the institution, ads are published on career portals.