Production & Quality

We manufacture our products adhering to quality standards, conforming to FSSC 22000, ISO9001, ISO 14000, ISO 45000,  Halal and Kosher management certificates, meeting all quality requirements.


Elso Kimya has established a production facility in accordance with modern norms to produce the products it offers in accordance with the specifications and demands set out in ISO and GMP quality and inspection systems standards. With a team focused on ensuring the product is successfully manufactured, the production and quality control process is smoothly operated. Each stage being under control a zero-error understanding is aimed.  With years of experience and extensive equipment, Elso Kimya has all the technical infrastructure required in the production of flavors and essences.

Quality Management

Elso Kimya is accredited FSSC 22000, ISO 9001 ISO 14000, ISO 45000, and holds GMP Good Manufacturing Practices, Halal and Kosher food management system certificates produced in accordance with legal requirements. It is a customer satisfaction-oriented flavor, fragrance and pigment manufacturer, operating under the supervision of expert and experienced food engineers, chemical engineers and chemists at the R&D Center registered under the Ministry of Industry and Technology.

All kinds of materials and raw materials used in the enterprise are subjected to rigorous testing and analysis, each stage of production is controlled and monitored by various analyses and measurements. In this way, products that do not meet legal requirements and consumer expectations are prevented from being offered for consumption. The accuracy of the analyses and measurements made is confirmed by samples sent to accredited laboratories.

 Our most important goal is to provide impeccable, timely and customer satisfaction-oriented service by establishing a healthy communication at stages ranging from our suppliers to our customers.

Elso Kimya, which has accumulated more than 70 years of experience and solid values, is committed to fulfill its responsibilities continuously and fully to society and the environment, to constantly develop in accordance with the goals it has set, and to work in accordance with ethical values.

Our policies are open and announced to all stakeholders who interact with Elso Kimya.

Quality & Food Safety Management Policy

Our aim is to adopt the philosophy of "absolute customer satisfaction", to produce in accordance with all legal regulations, ISO 9001, ISO 14000, ISO 45000, FSSC 22000, and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) norms, and to provide our customers with a conscious technical support before and after sales.
  • Performing preventive, corrective, and remedial activities with the participation of all employees by reviewing system performance according to quality goals,
  • Systematically monitoring and controlling the effects that threaten food safety,
  • Continuous and complete fulfillment of our responsibilities to society and the environment and compliance with EIA norms, 
  • Meeting the requirements of work efficiency, worker health, work safety and work safety regulations,  
  • Improving and increasing the qualifications of all employees through training, as well as strengthening the team spirit and commitment to Elso Kimya, keeping the satisfaction of our employees at the highest level,
  • Providing perfect, timely and customer satisfaction-oriented service by establishing a healthy communication at all stages from our suppliers to our customers,  
  • Following innovations and world trends in all areas where our products are consumed and informing customers about these issues,
  • It is our goal to increase our market shares and exports in the regions and areas where we operate and have potential. 

In line with the implementation of our policy, all employees are responsible for improving and updating their activities. FSSC 22000, ISO 9001, ISO 14000, ISO 45000 Quality Management System were selected as references, based on the requirements of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) for the systematic execution of the necessary activities in this direction.

It is the commitment of Elso Kimya family to work ceaselessly to adopt Total Quality Management principles as a part of our work and as our management style and to continuously improve the quality management system.

Our policies are open and announced to all stakeholders who interact with Elso Kimya.

OHS & Environmental Management Policy

In this context, our principles and values are;

Fulfilling the legal requirements related to occupational health, safety, and the environment,

In all our processes, to the extent of technological possibilities, minimizing all types of waste formation and consumption of Natural Resources and minimizing our harmful impact on the environment,

To use environmentally friendly materials that can be recovered and to conduct research, improvement and applications that will ensure their recovery,

To work in cooperation with all our stakeholders in accordance with our established environmental and occupational health and safety goals, to encourage environmental studies, to plan and implement the necessary actions,

With education and communication, to create environmental awareness in all our employees and have them gain individual responsibility,

To continuously improve our performance by periodically reviewing the practices of environmental and occupational health and safety related actions and the results of performance indicators,

Assess all possible accident risks related to occupational health and safety in our activities and workplaces and take all necessary preventive measures,

To take all corrective measures to eliminate the causes of accidents and prevent their recurrence,

In all kinds of new projects, at the project stage, to conduct risk assessment in terms of Occupational Health and Safety and to take all necessary preventive measures in advance,

Creating an occupational health and safety culture that embraces individual and Team responsibility in our employees based on safe behavior,

We undertake to cooperate with our suppliers on environmental and occupational health safety issues.

Our policies are open and announced to all stakeholders who interact with Elso Kimya.