A flavor is a mixture of ingredients with olfactory and flavoring properties that
are used to provide, strengthen, or improve a particular smell and taste in foods.

Flavors are also used in the food and pharmaceutical industries to mask the unwanted taste and odor in the final product. Flavors are not used directly by the end consumer; they are added to product formulas at the level of “g/kg” during industrial food production. 

Liquid and powdered flavors offered by Elso Kimya are used in Beverage, Confectionery Products, Dairy Products, Bakery Products, Salty Products, Tobacco Products, Animal Feeds, Medicine and Oral Care Food Groups. There are also varieties of emulsions for beverage groups. Elso Kimya creates and produces flavors suitable for the tastes of each region by coordinating its R&D work and identifying taste and product trends in various regions of the world. Flavors can be produced in powder or liquid form according to the product characteristics and customer usage.

With our many years of experience, we help our customers develop the right flavor formulations for existing flavors as well as new products. Elso Kimya meticulously complies with world and quality safety standards from the raw material procurement stage to the end user when developing and producing flavors.

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