Flavoring, especially to impart, strengthen or enhance a particular odor and taste to foods
It is a mixture of components with odor and flavoring properties used for the purpose of flavoring.

Liquid and Powder Flavors offered by Elso Kimya are used in Beverages, Confectionery Products, Dairy Products, Bakery Products, Salty Products, Tobacco Products, Feeds, Pharmaceuticals and Oral Care food groups.


Fragrance is one of the products that evoke pleasant emotions and make us feel happy when we use the products it contains.

Today, one of the most important features of end users' product choices is the smell of the product.
Essence is one of the most important products that provide a pleasant odor to the products it contains due to its structure.


Pigments are molecules, substances or powders that give color to all objects where they are used.  Pigments diffuse into the paint giving it its color together with properties such as opacity, rigidity, durability. 

Pearlescent Pigment

As Elso Kimya, we have been selling powder pearlescent pigments that are resistant to high heat and chemicals and which are used in water-based, oil-based, and solvent-based systems to create special effects.  Pearlescent pigments are used in Industrial & Decorative Paints and Coatings, Plastic Paints, Synthetic Leather, Printing Inks, Cosmetics and Personal Care Products. Pearlescent pigments do not contain heavy metals, they are environmentally friendly products and harmless to human health.

Metallic Pigment

Metallic pigments are preferred because they give a brighter luster than other pigments. The aluminum, bronze and copper metallic pigments come in various particle sizes.  Metallic pigments produced are mainly used in Industrial Dyes, the Plastic Industry, Printing Inks, Textile Printing Dyes and Furniture Dyes.  Aluminum powders are also used in construction, in the manufacture of concrete blocks.  As Elso Kimya, we are the representative of AVL Metal Powders, one of the world's leading manufacturers of metallic pigments.

Organic Pigment

Organic pigments are used in Industrial Paints, Plastic Paints, Synthetic Leather and Textile Printing Paints with high dyeing property and heat resistance. To develop our pigment portfolio, we have added the representation of the leading manufacturers of organic pigments of China and India. 


The usage areas of glitters are unlimited. Our glitter product scale includes gold, silver, and hologram. If desired, the standard Hexagon shaped glitters can be prepared in different ways.

Elso Kimya has been serving the Turkish market since 2008 with a strategic agreement with one of the largest glitter manufacturers in China.

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