With our innovative perspective and the advanced technology, we have, we offer
organoleptical solutions that best suit the needs and desires of consumers.

R&D & Technical Support

The young and dynamic Elso Kimya R&D team, which includes expert perfumers and food engineers, can quickly provide its customers with flavor and fragrance solutions.

As a result of this process, the flavors and fragrances in finished products that have been approved by different consumer groups are presented to business partners. In addition to its own original products, Elso Kimya also includes different projects in accordance with customer demands and requests.

Aiming to make dreams come true and achieve perfection, Elso Kimya has R&D groups that work directly with the customer throughout the entire process targeting to find the most successful and appropriate products which become part of their portfolio for future references.

Elso Kimya, which has two different R&D groups separate from each other as flavor and fragrance, also has separate working groups according to the end product application categories. 

Elso Kimya conducts special tests in accordance with the production process and technical data of its business partners and offers support in a full partnership philosophy.

Registered as an R&D center by the Ministry of Industry and Technology in 2018, Elso Kimya continues its scientific studies under the roof of the R&D center.


Testing & Analysis and Quality Control

All raw materials supplied to Elso Kimya are based on the list of approved suppliers. Each raw material passes through the test stages where various physical; chemical and chromatography techniques are used.

Approved raw materials are transferred to the production stage, while non-approved raw materials are quarantined and evaluated and tested in accordance with the procedures contained in Quality Management Systems. 

The quality control process is evaluated and recorded in accordance with the reference substances contained in Quality Management Systems.

Each manufactured product is presented to the customer together with the analysis certificate and aims to ensure customer satisfaction and trust where all requirements are met.

All analyses appropriate to the physical or chemical structure of the product delivered by Elso Kimya are forwarded to our partners in physical and electronic environments. General documents that we provide in this context are:

All of our documents are not limited to these, we are also able to offer our customers a wider scope of documentation service under the name of "non-contain or conformity", which is detailed and can respond to customer requests. 

Creative Team and Product Development

As Elso Kimya, we analyze ideas, information and technologies and offer special solutions in accordance with the established strategy. Our R&D team at Elso Kimya works on industry-based innovative and creative products, creating well-researched and successful solutions for our business partners.

Market Research and Support

Elso Kimya Marketing & Market Research team provides solutions to our partners about the product or service
to be offered for sale by analyzing the information we have about the markets in which we play an active role. 

To provide more effective and innovative solutions in the development curve of our company, joint projects are constantly being developed together with experts working in different product groups.  Scientific research tools that will enable our R&D team to develop and come to the fore in the sector are also used effectively in the presentations made by the market research team. 

Elso Kimya, whose main principle is continuous development, plans R&D and product development activities in this direction by analyzing the leading developments and innovative solutions in the world in categories such as smell, taste, color, packaging, health, and content as a whole. 

Flavor and Fragrance Creations

Elso Kimya flavor and fragrance teams have special flavor and fragrance expertise for various applications such as food and beverage, perfumery, and personal care.

Consultants located in 5 different continents work together with Elso Kimya to offer flavor and fragrance solutions suitable for different Regions.

Elso Kimya flavor and fragrance uses special applications to create excellent taste and olfactive solutions for customer requirements. Our company works with food engineers, perfumers and process experts who focus on developing flavors and fragrances in accordance with customer demands and requests, applying different methods in which cooking processes, strength, stability are controlled.