Sectors and Areas of Usage

Flavor varieties produced by Elso Kimya:

Flavor Varieties:

Flavor varieties produced by Elso Kimya:

Liquid Flavors;
* Standard Liquid Flavors
* Emulsions

Powder Flavors;


Bakery ProductsDairy ProductsChocolateDessert & Ice CreamReady MealFood and Salad DressingsGum and Candy
BreadFlavored MilkChocolateFrozen DessertReady-Made SoupsDip SaucesJelly
WaferFlavored CheeseHazelnut CreamSorbetInstant PastaPasta SaucesMarshmallow
CakeFlavored YogurtWafer CreamDairy Ice CreamInstant NoodlesTable SaucesGum
CrackerCocolinDessert & Ice CreamFrozen PizzaMayonnaiseHard Candy
BiscuitInstant SandwichSalad dressingsTofi, Caramel, Nougat
CrackerOther Fast FoodsGraviesOther Confectionery Products


Carbonated DrinksHot BeveragesFruit JuicesOther BeveragesIced Tea & Sports DrinksSpirit DrinksOther Applications
SodasHerbal TeasFruit Flavored DrinksOther BeveragesEnergy DrinkMaltHookah
ColasCoffeesFruit JuicesBeverage MixesIced TeaJuniperAnimal Feeds
Mineral WatersBlack TeasNectarsConcentrated DrinksSports DrinkAnise
Other Carbonated DrinksOther Hot Beverages