Flavor is a mixture of ingredients with odor and flavoring properties that are used to give, strengthen or improve a particular smell and taste in foods. Flavors are also used in the food and pharmaceutical industries to mask the unwanted taste and odor in the final product. Flavors are not used directly by the end consumer; they are added to product formulas at the level of “g/kg” during industrial food production.
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Essential oils extracted from various natural substances by chemical methods in order to give a pleasant smell to the product it is mixed with or obtained by synthesizing chemical substances are called fragrance.
Currently, one of the most important features in the product selection of end users is the smell of the product. Fragrance, due to its structure, is one of the products that provide a pleasant scent to the products it contains.
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Pigments are molecules, substances or powders that make up the colors of all objects. Pigments are distributed in paints and developed in the basic properties of the paint, such as opacity, rigidity, durability, as well as giving color to the paint.