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Production and Quality
Our basic principle is to produce cosmetic and industrial fragrances along with liquid and powder flavors according to the desires of our customers while taking into account tastes and odors associated with different countries and regions. All our products are manufactured according to GMP standards in our production facility that holds ISO 9001, ISO 22000, GMP and Halal certifications.
Production and Quality

Within the framework of our quality control principles, raw materials utilized are only accepted for production when all required certifications are complete and all required sensitive analyses are conducted to ensure that they comply with values indicated on certification provided by Elso Kimya’s suppliers.

Physical, chemical and olfactory analyses of the flavors and fragrances produced are done for every single product and recorded electronically in a way where they can be referenced in the future. Elso Kimya is equipped with highly modern and sophisticated technology supported by experienced and trained engineers to adhere to our strict quality standards. Applications of fragrance and flavor for finished products are performed in the company’s application laboratories according to client requests. These applications are tested internally and should they request it with our clients to improve the end products.

Innovations presented in the world markets are continuously followed by tapping into the world’s most comprehensive cosmetics and food databases that Elso Kimya is subscribed to and are formed into new ideas that are presented to our clients. We proudly present the flavors and creation fragrances in Turkey and the surrounding regional markets in compliance with European flavor and fragrance norms.

Elso Kimya has established a long lasting customer/partner base composed of domestic and international companies due to the quality of service it provides along with its experience, reliability and competitive pricing in the domain of fragrances and flavors for a period of more than 60 years.

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